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Our team is engaged in the construction of one-story and two-story houses in a modern High-Tech style.

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About our company

ProStroy - is a modern construction company that keeps up with times. Our team designs and builds high-tech one-story and two-story houses. Construction takes place from scratch, starting with the development of the layout of the house, and until the final delivery of the project to the customer.


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Advantages of our houses

Material quality

Our team responsibly approaches the construction of each house. Together with you we will select high-wuality materials.

Implementation timeline

Building a house takes 180-240 days. The duration of construction work depends on the complexity of the priject itself.


All selected materials for construction will undergo a two-stage test for wear resistance, which will guarantee the durability of the built house.

Project layout

Our experts will draw the layout of the house, taking into account all the details and features, after which they will present a 3D model of your future home.

Built houses

Multifunctional two-story house in High-Tech style. The facade part of the first floor is made of polycarbonate materials in the color of lively wood, while the facade part of the second floor is made of propylerocarbonate coating covered with dark wood. The first part of the floor is made entirely in a glass frame with wooden divisions between the panes..

Stages of work

01 Project discussion

We meet with you individually to discuss your planned house project.

02 Cost calculation

We calculate all the costs for the upcoming project, the cost of materials, labor.

03 Registration of the contract

We formalize the future project together with legal entities from our side.

04 Design

Our engineers develop a house drawing and design 3D model of the future house.

05 Building

Upon completion of all previous stages, construction work at home begins.

06 Project completion

At this stage, you get a house completely ready for moving in.

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